Nufar - Sweet & slim

The worlds No.1 sweetener

 Beware of imitations 
Delicious to drink!
No sugar & No artificial ingredients & No calories
No preservatives & No food coloring & 100% natural ingredients
Contains the Stevia - the sweetening herb - without calories, for sweetening tea, coffee, beverages, foods, jams and cakes!


A natural recipe for serving, to prepare a flavorful tea to drink, without sugar and without calories:


Mint leaves, lemon verberna, or lemon may be added to Sweet & slim according to taste and brewed in a cup of boiling water.


One bag is sufficient for making about 3 cups of beverage. We recommend removing the bag after about 10 seconds to avoid over-sweetening. 

For foods and cakes: Brew several bags of Sweet & slim in a cup of boiling water pour into the mixture when preparing cakes. Use the number of bags according to personal taste. 6 bags are equivalent in sweetness to a cup of sugar. For every cup of sugar we leave out of a cake, we save 1,000 calories.


A recipe for a tasty cake without sugar:
2.5 cups self-raising flour, 9 bags of ?Sweet & slim? in half cup of hot water (instead of 1½  cups of sugar), 1 butter flavored margarine (or oil), natural vanilla essence, the juice from one lemon, 4 eggs, vanilla flavored pudding (not instant). In this cake we save 1½ cups of sugar and thus we are saving ourselves 1,500 calories!




Delicious to drink!

No sugar & No artificial gradients & No calories
No preservatives & No food coloring & 100% natural ingredients


Nufar - Stevia - Stevia Rebandiana

A perennial plant from a species that grows to height of about 1 meter. It native to Paraguay. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar and has no calorific value. Stevia reduces blood sugar level and is suitable as a natural sweetener even for diabetes sufferers.

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